Add/Remove Programs
Adjust Time
Adobe Reader 8.0 Install
Adware - Spyware & Scumware
Associate a Program
Automatic Updates
AVG Update
Back Button View
Camera: SDHC Media
CD Actions Assigned
Clean LCD Monitor
Copy or Move Files
Copy Error Messages
Ctrl + Keys
Cursor Selection
Desktop Display
Desktop Icon Realigned
Desktop Icons Restored
Desktop Shortcut
Desktop Uncluttered
Desktop Display Changed
Desktop Display 1024x768
Disk Cleanup
Disk Files Cleanup
File Association
File Compressed (Zipped) Create
File Compressed (Zipped) Open
File Copied or Moved
File Open With...
File or Folder Renamed
File Organization
Folder, Document Created
Folder, Download Created
Folders & Files View
Fonts Management
Full-Screen View

Hard Drive: Space Available
Icon Changed
Laptop Monitor
LCD Monitor Cleaned
Mouse Cursor
Photo Folders
Photo Renamed
Photo Sent via Email
Photo Sorting
Photo View as Filmstrip
Photo Viewer
Photos Compressed
Picture & Fax Viewer
Power Options
Print Screen
Program Removed
Programs That are Running
RAM Amount Shown
Remove Thumbs.db
Screen Resolution
SDHC Media
Slideshow: Create & Use a
Sounds Assigned & Controlled
Sounds Muted
Sounds, Web-Based
System Restore Created
System Restore Restoration
Taskbar Missing Restored
Toolbar Customized
Time Adjusted
Version of a Program
View Back Button
View Folders Side-by-Side
Wallpaper Changed
Windows Explorer Toolbar
Windows Picture & Fax Viewer
Windows Task Manager
Windows Version Identified

● Windows 7 Aero Disabled
● Windows 7 Startup Files


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