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Album Creator Macro
Bars: MenuBar, ToolBar, etc.
Basic Word Processing
Bookmark & Hyperlinks
Border: also see "Graphics"
Border Changed
Border Fancy
Border Fancy by Dave Lee
Clipart in Text Box
Clipart Inserted
Clipart Setup
Copy Text
Correct It Macro
Cross-Reference 3x5 Cards
Default Folder Changed
Default Font Changed
Delete Codes after HPg
Document Default Style, Create
Document Default Style, Apply
Drop Caps
Faux Link Created (WP & Acrobat)
File Formats
File Locations for WP
Folder Create New
Folder Default Changed
Folder Icon Changed
Folder Split-View
Font Change Default
Font Default for 1 Document
Font Default for ALL Documents
Fonts All Fonts Macro
Fonts Available

Go To
Graphic Anchored to Paragraph
Graphics Border
Graphics Formats
Graphics Inserted
Graphics Missing
Graphics Modified
Header Add Graphics
Header Format by Dave Lee
Header Inserted
Header Removal
HRt versus HPg
Hyperlinks & Bookmarks
Hyperlink Long Inserted
Hyperlink Opens Files
Hyperlink to PDF
Hyphen Soft
Insert Blank Page
Keeping Text Together
Keyboard Customized
Labels From a File
Line Format by Dave Lee
Macro Added to ToolBar
Macro Button Edited
Macro Described
Macro Scan-Fix
Master Documents
Memoirs Management
Orphans & Widows
Page Numbering
Paragraphs Counted
Password Protect Files
Photo Anchored to Paragraph
Photo Credits
Photo Positioned
Print File List
Print in Grayscale
Publish to PDF
QuickCorrect Setup
Quick Search
Research Paper
Restore Missing ToolBar
Reveal Codes Power
Reveal Codes Unwanted Font Change
Search Multiple Files
Settings Customized
Soft Hyphen
Special Characters
Text Box Columns by Dave Lee
Text Box Moved
ToolBar Button Moved by Dave Lee
ToolBar Customized
ToolBar Enlarged
ToolBar Missing
View Graphics
Widows & Orphans
Word Count
Word Count AppBar by Dave Lee
WPD versus PDF
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