1956 I Called Him Pop
1960 Discipline: My Daddy’s Gift to Me
1961 Then June Died
1962 First Love
1964 Bubba & Johnny
1964 It's Classified
Silence in the Face of Napalm
1965 In Love With a Virgin
1965 Why Win The Green Beret?
1966 OCS: Untrained to Lead
1966 First Parachute Jump
1967 Eating High in a Low Country
1970 A Gathering of the Elderly
1975 You Can't Fight If You Can't Sing
1980 High Performance
A Mother’s Love
1990 Bible on the Table

1999 Jury Duty for Mad Dog
Why I Joined This Church

2002 Mike Finally Smiled
2003 I Can See
2003 My Friend Within
2005 Big John Smit
2005 On Living
2005 Rules in Life
2006 1st Battle of Bull Run
2006 God & First Aid
2006 Harold Bartley: A Quiet Man Passes


2007 Do You Know Where I Live?
2009 Personal Value
2009 Sunrise Garden's Solitude
2010 Crude Cell Phone Checkout
2010 Puppies from Paradise
2011 A Foggy, Full Moon Morning

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