APRIL  2012

1 Apr 2012 (Sunday) — .Dat Files Not Opening; Blaming McDonald’s; Cell Phone Chains; China Coup; Dave Lee; Editor Rules; ENIAC Girls; God Conceived; PegEgg; Plagiarism is Disrespect; Project X; Shop Math Mess; View from Oneonta; Women Were the 1st Programmers

2 Apr 2012 (Monday) — 1940 Census; A Code Called Morse; A Bit of Fear; F in Friend is for Candor; First Thing This Morning; Kind & Compassionate; Linda Sunshine; Mind Stretched; Storm or Die; Terrorism, the Weapon; Your Only Limitation

3 Apr 2012 (Tuesday) — 1940 Census Site Crashes; Dave Lee; Forward Back; Forward Without Comment; Giving Online; Iraq War Based on Lies; Mary’s Hymn Again Blesses; Online Giving; Regrets; Right Wing Fanatic; View from Oneonta; Window Opens to Future

4 Apr 2012 (Wednesday) — 1940 Census Revelations; 9/11 Terrorists to be Tried; Afghan Women’s Café; Be Thankful; Buffalo Theory; Captain Ripp; Dave Lee; Do You Remember; Force Beliefs on Others; Google Art Project; Linda Sunshine; Memory & Whiskey; Missile Base for Sale; My Favorite Animal; NFL Changes Uniforms; One Drink; Pray for Sleeping; Stalin Notebook Popular; TN Science Theories Law; True Friends are There; US Civil War Dead 21% Higher; View from Oneonta; Where Taxes Go; Whiskey Memory

5 Apr 2012 (Thursday) — Ah Spit; Best Friends Understand; Buffett Rule; Dave Lee; Drivers: 90+ Year Olds Safer; Facebook Exclusion; Free Software at What Cost; Golf’s Masters Honored; Hillsborough To Party in Pinellas; Old Student Loans; Pour Out the Rain; Taxes: 1,470 Millionaires Paid $0; Titanic Myths; Twitter Ain’t Cheap; View from Oneonta; Welcome to FloriDUH

6 Apr 2012 (Friday) — Anna Maria Island Sunset; Capture The Moment; Dave Lee; Facebook Sponsored Stories; Fall From the Mountain; I’m Going Down; Lima Golf; Social Network Bill of Rights; Taxes: 1,470 Millionaires Paid $0; Tax Payers Lament; View from Oneonta; Welcome to Florida

7 Apr 2012 (Saturday) — Buffet; Carrot Cake; Dave Lee; Dine at Della’s; Len Murphy; Most Creative Panhandler; On My Father’s Side; Potatoes au Gratin; Supreme Court Ages; View from Oneonta

8 Apr 2012 (Sunday) — Dine at Cristal’s; He Arose

9 Apr 2012 (Monday) — Care of Freedom; CISPA: SOPA on Steroids; Copy Daily Journal Links; Dave Lee; Defensive Driving; Died of Shame; Don’t You Need a Shepherd?; Facebook Buying Instagram; Free Fools From Chains; Lima Golf; Linda Sunshine; Photoshop Edits by Me; Photoshop Edits Gone Wrong; Photoshop Edits Used Well; View from Oneonta; Yahoo Ads in eBooks

11 Apr 2012 (Wednesday) — Eggs I Have Known; Freedom of Speech Trampled; Information is Currency; Linda Sunshine; Michigan Teacher Fired; NJ Teacher to be Fired; PA Teacher Suspended; Razorbacks Fire Coach; SC Teacher Suspended; Social Media Out for UK Soldiers; Teacher of the Year Suspended; US Marine to be Discharged; View from Oneonta; When is Speech Protected?

12 Apr 2012 (Thursday) — Dave Lee; Death of Common Sense; Evolution Theory from 1300s; Exercise or Retire; Facebook Buys Instagram; Fiber Needed in Diet; Golf Boys video; Ikea Tampa; It’s Mary’s Fault; Life Found on Mars; Muqaddimah; Political Emails; Stop & Eat the Roses; Sue Greensleeves; View from Oneonta

13 Apr 2012 (Friday) — 1-in-4 Babies from Unwed Moms; Dave Lee; Darry D & Brook’s Brothers Suit; Freedom of Speech Trampled; Government’s Role; Harley Day; Lima Golf; Linda Sunshine; Michigan Teacher Fired; SGT Stein’s Rights; Tampa’s Domestic Partnership; Titanic & the DAR; US Drought Expanding; View from Oneonta

14 Apr 2012 (Saturday) — Alyce Wanderland; Cat, Rat, & Turtle; Favorite Hymns; Google+ Redesign; Hoax du Jour; Lima Golf; Linda Sunshine; Obama Bucks; President Obama to Columbia; Twitter & World War II; Vote Early & Often; Welcome to FloriDUH; Yet Another Side Street

15 Apr 2012 (Sunday) — Alyce Wanderland; Blue Strawberry: Genetics; Buffet Rule: Income Tax; Dave Lee; Died in Vein; Guantanamo Bay Soccer Field; Harley Day; Heroes & Happiness; Hoax Checking; Laid Back is Not Laid Up; Lima Golf; NO FIELD Act; Plastic into Oil; PTSD: Outside the Wire; QUIZ: 1st Audio Recording; View from Oneonta

16 Apr 2012 (Monday) — Anti-Tax Crusade; Buffet Rule: Income Tax; Can’t Get Up?; Dave Lee; God Knows What He’s Doing; GOP & Tea Party Tantrum; Hoax du Jour; Hold on, God Knows; Jaws Reloaded; JB; Journal Online: Why?; Lima Golf; Negativity Nurturing; Obama’s Air Force One HOAX; Reality is a Custom; Rex Sinquefield; Toe Tapper; View from Oneonta; Web Freedom Threatened; Wiki Media is FREE; World War II: Best Map of; Yesterday When I was Young

17 Apr 2012 (Tuesday) — Alyce Wanderland; Bonds Freed From; Captain Ripp; Charlie V; CISPA Must Be Stopped; Communication In-Person; Dave Lee; Discovery Shuttle; Don’t Judge; Faith vs. Belief; Frittata Recipe; GOP & Tea Party Dave Lee; GOP & Tea Party Lima Golf; Lima Golf; Linda Sunshine; Orange County PC Users Group; PegEgg; Political Advice; Politics of Right & Left; PTSD: Until Tuesday; Racism is Stupid; Trayvon Not Only Black Killed; View from Oneonta; We Seldom Know; Why People Leave Church; Windows 8

18 Apr 2012 (Wednesday) — Audio Books Worth a Listen; Afghan Taliban Captures Self; Be Dissatisfied; Cell Phones in Classrooms; Dave Lee; Google+ is GSA Scandal Source; Illuminated Bible; Journal Online; Lima Golf; Photo Show Quickly; Promised Land Weather; View from Oneonta

19 Apr 2012 (Thursday) — ALERT: DFAS Emails; American Bandstand; Andre Rieu; B. Green; British Quotes; Cancer’s Limitations; Comments About Daily Journal; Dave Lee; DFAS Emails — Alert; Dick Clark’s Newest Bandstand; Frank Sinatra Tribute; Garden on a Fence; Hoax du Jour; Kissed my Soul; Limitations vs. Imagination; Loneliness & Poverty; Mary Lee; Measles Outbreaks; Obama’s SSN HOAX; Perfect Lover; Polish Pie Lady; View from Oneonta; Zuckerberg’s Instagram Deal

20 Apr 2012 (Friday) — Art by Darry D: Photo Quotes; CALM Act; CISPA Actions; Dave Lee; Drone Use Surges; Explorations Free Bonds; If Nixon Read Your Emails; If You Would Liberate Me; My Way & McKesson; Lima Golf; Linda Sunshine; Link to a Website in this Journal; Meditative State of Blind; Olympics & Social Media; Personal Ads; Photo Quotes Online; Politics 40 Years Ago; Push to Add Drama Link; Quiz: Cost of Pets; View from Oneonta; Women are Like Police; Wonder Why

21 Apr 2012 (Saturday) — Another VA Hospital Adventure; CISPA: A Major Threat — Period; CISPA: Berners-Lee Weighs In; CISPA: Threat is Real; CISPA: Why Worry?; DNS Changer Malware ALERT; How to Spy on Neighbors; Linda Sunshine; Moses' Hard News; My Daily Activity; Savor Fingerprints; Sue Greensleeves; Things to Do in Tampa Bay; Toe Tapper; Unity of the Spirit; Using Photo Quotes; Who Am I?; X-Ray Excellence

23 Apr 2012 (Monday) — A Night to Remember; Arguing in the Open; Dave Lee; Endings Are Beginnings; Good Shepherd; Leave One Statement; Linda Sunshine; Preparation for Tomorrow; PTSD Rearing Its Head — Again; View from Oneonta

24 Apr 2012 (Tuesday) — Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney; Birth Month Input; Care Giver’s Grief; Clearest Way into Universe; Dave Lee; Facebook Immortality; Great First Date; Happiness is not a State; Hobgoblins of Democracy; How to Reduce Red Tape; I Waited for You; Immortality Redefined; It's Not the Load; Law of the Garbage Truck; Lima Golf; Linda Sunshine; Monk’s Tale; Nervous as a Mime; Photoshop & Steroids; Prisoner of War Status Rules; Six-year-old in Handcuffs; Trouble with Being Punctual; War Dehumanizes

25 Apr 2012 (Wednesday) — Bailey’s Banjo Bar; Captain Ripp; Dare to Kidnap Me; Dave Lee; Every Moment's Memory; Google Drive in the Clouds; Grandparents Raising Kids; Jerusalem in IMAX; Marine to be Discharged; Leadership Responsibility; Leave Only One Statement; Lima Golf; Linda Sunshine; Never Insult the Gator; One Statement; Overpaid CEOs; PegEgg Graphics; Positive Mental Attitude; President Abraham Lincoln; Six-year-old in Handcuffs; Social Security Going Insolvent; Tampa Tribune 1893; Troops Owe IRS $390 Million; View from Oneonta; Why Me?

26 Apr 2012 (Thursday) — Dave Lee; E-voting Announces Wrong Winners; First Pitch After 9/11; Futility is Moral Emptiness; Future Forecast in 1982; Haiti Dirt Poor & Armed; Harley Day; Historical Misconceptions; I Am Not Old; LZ English, Vietnam War; Password Security; Read the Manual; View from Oneonta; Welcome to FloriDUH

27 Apr 2012 (Friday) — Arab Spring; Attentive Eye; Burlesque; Emails & System Speed; Every Second of Time; Focus Determines Reality; LAX Twilight Landing; NATO Member Nations; One Step, One Moment; Polish Pie Lady; Reveille; Spain Unemployment 24.4%; Watermelon Festival; World Through a Keyhole

28 Apr 2012 (Saturday) — B. Green; Bev Beginn; Big Bang a Bust; Big Bang & Typesetting; Bill Turner; CISPA Passed House; Classic Jaywalking; Dave Lee; Emmanuel Lutheran Church; Facebook Crooks Caught; Game Player; Google Drive Privacy; Hearing Impaired, HUH?!?; Linda Sunshine; Middle East & Hammers; Osprey: Bird of Prey; Republics Decline into; Reveille; Secret Service Hookers; She’s Got You Video; Ten Fighting Heroes; Utopia; Wedding Thriller; What’s Really Important

29 Apr 2012 (Sunday) — Bill T.; CISPA is a REAL Threat; Darrell Putman; Dave Lee; Emmanuel Lutheran Church; Enterprise New Clothes; Faith and Belief; Faith and Clouds; Fine is $202,000 Profit; Forgiven Again; Keep Your Fork!; Life Playing Cards; Lima Golf: New York; Lima Golf: CISPA; Photos are Proof; Pinochle Pain; RNC Begats BEZ & SWAY; 67 Views of New York City; South America a China Counter; The Good Shepherd; Time is Great Teacher; View from Oneonta; Welcome to FloriDUH; Wisdom is Fortified

30 Apr 2012 (Monday) — A Glass of Red; Alias Protection; Captain Ripp; Credit Given When Due; Cuban Youth Want Web Access; Digital Media Resources; Do Good by Stealth; Drummer for the Ventures; Escape From Me; Fallen Hero; iPad Pilots Lighten Load; Lima Golf: Digital Media; McDonald’s Original Menu; New York City in 67 Views; Rose Speaks of Love; Spring Means Swimsuit; Tougher Than a Warrior; TV Shows with Buzz; Why Will History Say He Died


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