MARCH  2012

1 Mar 2012 (Thursday) — $10M for Tricorder; Child Safety Locks; Doomsday Vault Seeds Grow; FL Legislators & Insurance; Gasoline & Politics; Google Privacy Policy; Know How to Learn; Light Sculptures; Lima Golf; Phone Co Cheats U.S. Troops?; Quit Smoking!; Rabbits Rule in Australia; Red Square’s Name; Respect & Math; Save Owls by Killing Owls; U.S. Budget; Web Access Speed; Webs of Wonder; WWII 6 Months Old; Wyoming’s Doomsday Bill

2 Mar 2012 (Friday) — $35 Computer Sells Out; Car Myths Cost Money; Courage Does Not Roar; Improved; Dave Lee; Doctoring Doctors; Focused Shopping; I Don’t Read Fiction; Iran’s Justice System; Password Incorrect; Photo Quotes as Wallpaper; Saeed Malekpour; Signposts in Life; Speech-jamming Gun; Thoughts of My Own; View From Oneonta; Web Access Speed Test; Zimbabwe Crocodile

3 Mar 2012 (Saturday) — Age’s Perks; Attribute to Ignorance; Bugle Boy; Caffeine Inhaler; Dave Lee; Family Forum; Flowers Blooming; Gasoline Coupon; Google Search History Fear; He’s From California; Hiring Analytics Experts; Illiterate of the Future; In God We Trust; Linda Sunshine; Maxwell1; Original Thoughts; Playing with the Kid; Real, Not Perfect; Smithsonian Photo Contest; Thinking is a Real Art; View From Oneonta; Windows 8 ‘Reimagined’

4 Mar 2012 (Sunday) — A Scream in the Dark; Civic Literacy QUIZ; Earth Visions; Envisat Satellite; Families Hard to Take; Family Band; Goggle Privacy Plus Side; PegEgg; Photos from Daily Journal; Piqued by Pinterest; QUIZ; Rush Limbaugh’s Comments; WWII: 4 March 1940; Zynga’s Game Changer

5 Mar 2012 (Monday) — Anonymous Wars On Religion; Boston Massacre; Coca-Cola Uses; Contraceptive Facts; FBI to Monitor Social Networks; Genealogy Ghosts; Hateful Words; Lima Golf; Linda Sunshine; Nation of Sheep; Ovide William Mercredi; Pat Robertson; Racism Differently; Rush Limbaugh; Vaya con Dios; WWII: 5 March 1940

6 Mar 2012 (Tuesday) — A Friend Called ‘Lima Golf’; Aircraft Carrier Power; Dave Lee; Fifty Dollars is $50; God is With You, But...; Government Irony; Human Race Knows Better; I Am Wonder Woman; Illegal Honor Student; Linda Sunshine; Need to be Human; Robo-Cheetah Speed Record; USS John C. Stennis; Technology Exceeds Humanity; View From Oneonta; Voting Wirelessly; Washing Hands ; Weapon of Mass Instruction

7 Mar 2012 (Wednesday) — A Best Friend & Nothing; Della D; Facebook Ads Anew; FloriDUH Parent Trigger Plan; iPhone 5 Introduced Today; Journal is History on the Fly; McCain Cybersecurity Bill; Rush Limbaugh; Senator Marco Rubio; Sue Greensleeves; Super Tuesday Results; Tears in Heaven; U.S.: 2 Biggest Challenges; Winner in Life; Words Hurt; Words to Wander by

8 Mar 2012 (Thursday) — 5 Years in 4th Grade; Dave Lee; Illegal Student Gets Reprieve; Kansas Anti-Abortion Bill; Lima Golf; Loneliness; Navy Firefighting Robot; President Changes Funerals; Saddest Loneliness; SAFFiR Firefighting Robot; Semen Testing; Statistics Don’t Lie, But...; Super Tuesday Results 2; USDA Twitter Alerts

9 Mar 2012 (Friday) — Affordable Health Choices; Coronation of Romney; Counting iPhones & Tanks; H.R. 3200; Lima Golf; School Without Google; Soviet’s Successful Tzar; Tattoo Terrors; Utah Sex-Ed Bill; Vladimir Putin; You Think I Care...

10 Mar 2012 (Saturday) — Aircraft Carriers; Ants as Surgical Sutures; Big Brother Friending; Boxing’s Greatest Comeback; Breakup No-Nos; Dave Lee; E-waste in U.S.; Facebook & Middle School; Facebook Bigamy Secret; Facebook De-Fulk; Geography Not Master; Linda Sunshine; Movie Trailer Evolution; Need for Revenge; Nothing’s Advantage; Political Civility is Gone; School Without Google 2; Twitter News Tweets; U.S. Work Hours; Utah Sex-Ed Bill 2

11 Mar 2012 (Sunday) — B. Green; Dave Lee; Daylight Saving Time; Efficacious Aggregating; First Car Race; Florida Legislature Limps; Google Search Tricks; Lima Golf; Linda Sunshine; Pay to Link?; Pols Fear ‘SOPA Backlash’; Saving Grace; Special Character Typing; Stoned for Being Emo; Tim Tebow, Christian Role Model; View From Oneonta; White Cactus Blooming; Women’s Portraits in History

12 Mar 2012 (Monday) — Ikea Coffee; Another Nameless Friend; Enjoy Who I’ve Become; Homeless Man; Jacob’s Dream; Nude & Scary; PTSD Battle Flag; PTSD in Song; Tampa Bay 500; VA Hospital Parking

13 Mar 2012 (Tuesday) — Afghanistan Rogue GI; Arial Uses 30% More Toner; College Student Welfare; Dave Lee; Don’t Mess With Old Folks; Exotic Dancers of Burlesque; Facebook Unfriending; Flashback: FarmVille, Oct 2009; Green Eyes; Guided Morals; Homeless Hotspots; India Licenses Patented Drug; Johnny Cash & Joseph Stalin; Journal Evolution & Revolution; Left-handed Salute; Linda Sunshine; NASA Satellite Hits Car; President Obama; Ranger Joel; Relationship Test; Relatives Not Hated; Teamwork Award; Twitter Addiction; View From Oneonta

14 Mar 2012 (Wednesday) — 14-year-old in Real Estate Mogul; Afghanistan Trust; Awakened in Oz; Beware Benevolence; Copyright Stupidity; Facebook Fan Value; Ignorance or Apathy; Japanese Auto Show 2009; Lima Golf; Love if You’re Lucky; Prostitution Exclusion Zone; Rules for Happiness; Trust Your Troops?; We See What We Want to See; Willow Tufano; WWII: 13 March 1940

15 Mar 2012 (Thursday) — Advertising Cost; America Armed & Lazy?; America in Color 1939–1443; Anger Management; Friends Like Mine; Friends Share; I Believe in You; If I Can Help; Innorobo Robot 2012; Kiska; No Idle Chitchat; Overpriced Products; Responsibility for Your Universe; Single-Atom Transistor; Quiz: WWII Battle; You’ve Changed

16 Mar 2012 (Friday) — Ads: Lipstick vs. Hope; Afghanistan Mistake; Assad & Cellphone Texting; Boomerang & Staying Home; Captain Ripp; Dave Lee; Footprints of the Wild; Maxwell1; Patriot Act Warning; Social Ads Win Election Wars; Social Network Power; Soviet Union Gaiety; Speed Sign Enforcement; St Patrick’s Day Kick; St. Petersburg & Al Capone; Tell Me Who Admires You; Veteran’s Discounts; View From Oneonta

17 Mar 2012 (Saturday) — Guitar Playing; Linda Sunshine; My Name is America; Neanderthal After- life; This Life; Wars of Questionable Motivation; Wars Without End; You Were Given

18 Mar 2012 (Sunday) — Abbreviated Words & Lives; Better Today Than Yesterday; Birmingham Botanical Garden; Dave Lee; Hitler Meets Mussolini; Internet is so Slow; iPad 4 Sells Big; Knots Prayer; Learning Chinese; Linda Sunshine; Mother’s Day Quotes; National Visions; Old Photo of Me; QUIZ: Words; St Patrick’s Day Riot; View From Oneonta; Vision & A Path; Wedding Facts

19 Mar 2012 (Monday) — A Christian Named Rich; Blood Letting; Civility & Public Discourse; Dave Lee; Faith Up; Geocaching; Lima Golf; Linda Sunshine; National Defense Resources; Nobody Owes You a Thing; View From Oneonta

20 Mar 2012 (Tuesday) — Adopt a Terrorist; And Then I Wrote; Angels & Songs; Cannot Eat Money; Cellphone Vibrating Tattoo; Chef Woz; Cookies Rejected — Again; Data vs. Information; Dave Lee; Dead Bug; Forced to Focus; Ignorant Rants; Kids 1982 vs. 2012; Lima Golf; Linda Sunshine; Loyalty Beyond the Grave; Nobody Owes You a Thing; Pala Tribe’s Bloodline Dispute; Polish Pie Lady; Quiz; Real Rambo; Sleep Apnea; Soldier’s Deck of Cards; Tara Parrothead; Tattoo for Cellphone Calls; Tennessee Abortion Bill; True Friendship is Eternal; Ultimate Disaster; View From Oneonta; Wounded Warriors & PING

21 Mar 2012 (Wednesday) — B. Green; Cellphone Auto-Correct; Charlie V; Cybersecurity Bill Proposed; Elderly Strength & Hospitals; He Who Controls; If God Wanted Me to Be; Kansas Governor; Lima Golf; Mein Kampf; Moscow Lacks Mosques; Must-Have Gadgets; Power to Read Minds; Problems We Face; QUIZ; Road Rage Affects Us All; Sarcasm Bombing; Schools to Go Wireless; Social Media Password Please; Solar-Powered Sports Car; The Hunger Games; Windows 8 Frustrates

22 Mar 2012 (Thursday) — Charlie V; Dave Lee; Edible Forest For Free; Facebook Premium Ads; Gordon Hirabayashi, American; Glen, the Squirrel; Google Miami; If You Could Read My Mind; iPhone 5 Display Bigger; Laugh When You Can; Lima Golf; Music Releases the Imagination; Pick Your Friends; Rosy; Seattle, Washington; Senate to Hear NFL Bounties; Smoke-Free Brazil; Social Media Password Please; View from Oneonta; Wasp Spray Defense; Who is General Failure?; Windows 8 Frustrates 2

23 Mar 2012 (Friday) — Afghanistan Irony; Belief Fuels Passion; Chris E; Dave Lee; Device Defined; Glen, the Squirrel 2; Hope is Grief's Best Music; It’s a Wonderful Day; Liberty or Death; Lima Golf; Limitation & Expectation; Linda Sunshine; View from Oneonta; War of 1812 Winner

24 Mar 2012 (Saturday) — A Simple Drive to Work; Engagement Photos; Facebook Privacy Warning; Google Labeled Evil?; If I Die; Inca Dry-Stone Walls; Lima Golf; Megadeath; Pollination Fascination; Robojelly: Underwater Robot; Simplify History; Sue Greensleeves

25 Mar 2012 (Sunday) — Alyce Wanderland; Angels with One Wing; Confederate Flag Returned; Drone Controllers; Facebook Privacy; Fear Within; Focus, Focus, Focus; Lima Golf; Linda Sunshine; PegEgg Burned My Finger; Pro-Self; Saving Photos; Terrifying Tattooed Women; Women Meant to be Loved

26 Mar 2012 (Monday) — Car’s Advanced Technology; Drug-free Florida; In-Your-Face-Book; Lima Golf; Linda Gonse; Linda Sunshine; No Words Need be Spoken; Sex & a Phone Call; To Err & To Forgive; Twitter’s Unseen Options; Visa Data Center

27 Mar 2012 (Tuesday) — 18:45 Depart Home; 19:30 Safely at VA Hospital; 19:50 Sleep Apnea Clinic; 21:00 Awaiting Test; 22:00 Sleep Apnea Test; 03:00 Face Mask Moment; 05:00 Test Completed; 05:45 Mask Fitting; 06:45 Welcome Home

28 Mar 2012 (Wednesday) — Air in the Silence; Arkansas Culture; B. Green; Bill Gates Hoax; Bill T; Carrier Pigeons Tweets; Chain of Uncaring; Dave Lee; Death by Digits; Eagle & The Rose; Four Horsemen of Annoyance; Game Player; If We Are Strong; Karma Kids; Lima Golf; Linda Sunshine; Marilyn Monroe Statue; NYC Schools Words Ban; Prayer: Eagle & the Rose; Redneck Truck-of-War; Release My Mind; Rough Morning?; Sleep Apnea Experience; Sleep Apnea Travel; Tweeting & U.S. Army; Why Men Die First

29 Mar 2012 — A Kid Called Trayvon; Alyce Wanderland; Ear Wax Warnings; God Sees Invisible Woman; Grandpa’s iPad; Invisible Woman; Lima Golf; Linda Sunshine; No Confidence Vote; Racial Profiling; Religious States of America; Trayvon Inc.; Trial by Media; White, Hispanic, Some Guy

30 Mar 2012 (Friday) — Boyette Road Parking; Concept of the Operation; Costco; Dave Lee; Dog & a Dolphin; Germany Paid WWI Reparations; Greatest Tragedy; HSN Outlet; Linda Sunshine; LOL Means; Master Gardener Morning; My Secrets; Oneonta’s Spring Sprung; Osprey Safe & Sound; Texting vs Morse Code; Three States of America; U.S. Congress at War; View from Oneonta; Women to be Loved

31 Mar 2012 (Saturday) — B. Green; Cellphone Auto-Correct; Dave Lee; Facebook Info Deleted; Girls Around Me Cellphone App; I Believe I Can Fly; Independent Does NOT Mean; Jesus Calling; Lima Golf; Linda Sunshine; Not Sober Since; Our Best Congress; Pretend to be Normal; Stalker’s Cellphone App; View From Oneonta; You Can Fly, But...

These are reflections designed to be re-read when I am too old to journey from the comfort of my stead and I can relive the days gone by. Permission for reproduction in whole or in part is granted to groups and organizations for internal, non-profit use provided credit is given to the author along with the copyright notice: Article reprinted with permission. Copyright © 2011-2012 Darry D Eggleston,