1 Feb 2012 (Wed) — 50,000 Names; Easy Listening Sunrise; Dining with Dave; FarmVille Slows Down; Lima Golf; OPEN & ACTA & SOPA; PegEgg; Political Polarity; SOPA Stopped

2 Feb 2012 (Thursday) — A Dave Lee Morning; Achey Breaky Heart; All a-Twitter; B. Green; Electile Dysfunction; Guided Morals; Karma Kids; Lima Golf; Linda Sunshine; Mary of the Morning; Mobile Device Takeover; Murmuration of Starlings; Nose Hairs; PegEgg’s Facebook Levels; Slauerhoffbrug Drawbridge; Tagged Photos Future?

3 Feb 2012 (Friday) — Ads in Email; Advertising Power; Carry Childhood with You; Dog Saves Life; Facebook IPO; FarmVille Falters; Linda Sunshine; PegEgg; Play Me; Pot Holes in the Road; QUIZ: National Parks; Self-Guided Bullet; Tea Kettles in Tanks; Wrong Diner

4 Feb 2012 (Saturday) — Danny’s Song; Everything is All Right; Evolution to Twitter; Exabyte Social Clouds; Facebook Depression in Teens; Facebook Graffiti Worth $200M; God & Drowning; Lima Golf; Linda Sunshine; Magna Carta Restored; Measure a Mountain; Mock Not Hell; News Flash; No Frills Airlines; Pity Train; Prom Dresses from Sluts-R-Us; Social Media in Education; True Colors; Unless You're Google; War Neutrality

5 Feb 2012 (Sunday) — Bad Celebrity Tattoos; Be True to You; Chef Woz; Dave Lee; Facebook & Zynga Symbiotic; Facepalming Lunch Scholars; Global Warming is Real; Sue Greensleeves’ Home Video; Lima Golf; Linda Sunshine; Moses & The Red Sea; Norovirus on 2 Cruise Ships; North Korean Accordion Quintet; People Who Disappoint You; Person's Presence Matters; Rear-view Mirrors; Super Bowl Ad Cost; View From Oneonta; We’ve Only Just Begun; Windows Zooming

6 Feb 2012 (Monday) — Afghanistan & Special Forces; Bing Crosby; Chef Woz; Dave Lee; Don’t Fence Me In; Facebook, Google & Your Data; Football Explained; GI Joe & Lillie; Lima Golf; Linda Sunshine; Military’s General Inflation; Moon signs; Online Dating; PTSD: City vs Bunker; Roy Rogers; Super Super Bowl 2012; T-Shirt Snickers; Terrorism in U.S. 1970–2008; Twitter: Temporary Glitter?; View From Oneonta

7 Feb 2012 (Tuesday) — 3D Printer Creates Jaw; Abduction; Al Washed His Car; Coffee & Productivity; Dementia Test; iPad Magic; Lima Golf; Mary of the Morning; Meandering with Mary; Model T PC; Most Pirated Films; Social Networks Addictive; T-shirt Stress Expressions; Toe Tapper; Ultimate Death Quiz; Who Will Catch Me

8 Feb 2012 (Wednesday) — Congressional Message; Defibrillator Use; Evolution Sides; Gossip About JFK; Grandmother Kelly; Guilt by Association; Lima Golf; Linda Gonse; Linda Sunshine; Misquotations Commonly Heard; Monster Mash; Pet’s Meet Your Match; Server Seriousness; TV Ad Volume

9 Feb 2012 (Thursday) — Best Newsletter in America; China Rebuilding America; Dave Lee; Dave’s Daffodils; Deporting U.S. Veterans; Friends Are Like Walls; Full-size Graphic Art Available; Grandmother Kelly Reflections; Great Depression; Internet Freedom; Jealousy Respected; Jesus Calling; Lima Golf; Papier-Mâché Rhino Escape; View From Oneonta; Western eBooks FREE

10 Feb 2012 (Friday) — Afghanistan Lost; Cactus Blue Ribbon; Canary Islands Tsunami; Google Privacy Challenged; Internet Love Song; Lima Golf; Little Drummer Boy; Linda Sunshine; Polish Pie Lady; Smart versus Wise; USMC & the Nazi SS; Women in Combat Roles

11 Feb 2012 (PegEgg’s Birthday) — Dave Lee; Linda Sunshine; Not a People?; NOT Your Daddy’s Military; Weather in Oneonta

12 Feb 2012 (Sunday) — 42 Degrees Going to -10; Abide with Me, ‘Tis Eventide; Linda Sunshine; Photo Impossible; Portly Populations; Research Revivals; Tablet’s Impact; True Friend Gets in the Way; What is a ’Nam Vet?

13 Feb 2014 (Monday) — Dog is Your Friend; Grammy Awards on Twitter; Grapevines; High School Yearbook; Lima Golf; Linda Sunshine; Millennials Miserable; 6 Countries Downgraded; Space’s Future (1955); Twitter & Facebook in Your Car; Twitter Nears 500M Users; Twitter on Grammy Awards

14 Feb 2012 (Valentine’s Day) — Alyce Wanderland; B. Green; First Valentine’s Card; Google & Motorola Merger; Lima Golf; Linda Sunshine; Long & Lasting Love; Love is a Beach; Love is Creative; Math: Searching for X; Monday, Why Monday; Motion Induced Blindness; Opera Singer’s Toll Mate; Saudi Police Saw Red; Table Cloth Trick; Tara Parrothead; Tsunami Junk Coming; Valentine’s Day Dinner; Waking Hour; Wi-Fi Spray-on; World’s Best Breakfasts

15 Feb 2012 (Wednesday) — After All; Commo Problem; Content Scrapers; Dumbing Down America; Guatemala: Legalize Drugs?; Hitler’s Costly Practical Joke; Lima Golf; Sex Education Failing; Mobile Data Doubles; Mortgage Stupidity; Racism is Racism; Virgin Marriage

16 Feb 2012 (Thursday) — AntiVirus Programs Compared; Blinded by The Obvious; Coffee First Attitude; Cruisers’ 2012 Choice Awards; $450K for Advanced Planning; Nanny State Gives Nuggets; Nomophobia — Oh No!!!; Shopping Cart Invented; Syria Inside; Syria Outside; Talk to a Kid; Terror Contracts You Accept­ed; Time-lapse Tour of Earth; Unused PC Turned Off; When Arrows Point @ You; World War II in Real Time on Twitter

17 Feb 2012 (Friday) — Alice Wanderland; Damnyankee Weather; Dave Lee; Hard to Kill; High Heeled Fins; Holding You Back; Most Humiliating Robbery; Name Tag Noticed; Nook-ed on Books; Nomophobia Not; Political Change; Sleep Tight; Social Media & Business; Social Media & Ghost Rider 2; Technology of People; Technology Won't Save Us; Texting While Driving; Twitter & Facebook Screams; U.S. Restoring Mosques; View From Oneonta; Violin Friends; WWII: UK POWs Freed

18 Feb 2012 (Saturday) — Abstinence for the Married; Apple’s Outsourcing Bites Back; Birth Control Guys; Blount County Weather; Complete Versus Finished; Cowboys: 1-in-3 Were Black; Dave Lee; FloriDUH Waitress Wage $2.13; Friend Picks You Up; Get to Know Someone; History: Failing to Learn; Jukebox Time Machine; Gulf of America; Hair Tattooed for $3,167; Ignore Later; Ignosecond; In Other Words; Linda Gonse; Maturity & Immaturity; Mississippi House Bill 150; Night Blue to Day Glow; Prison Costs in U.S.; Prostitution Exclusion Zone; Semen Testing; Syria Scares Iraq; View From Oneonta; WWII: Finns Desperate; WWII: UK Troops Bored

19 Feb 2012 (Sunday) — 2 Dogs; Abstinence Working; Dave Lee; FCC Stops Ad Calls — Except; FDR’s Executive Order 9066; For Those Tears; Friends Correct Friends; Health Plans Vary; Lima Golf; Prayer Request; Sorry Mom Card; Terrorize a Telemarketer; Tom Wilson; Transistor from Single Atom; TV vs Men: Then & Now; Unattended Children; View From Brandon; View From Oneonta; WWII: 1940 Finn Defenses Fail; WWII: 1940 Media Misinforms

20 Feb 2012 (Monday) — Cramming 10 Pounds of Plans; Cruise Ship Near-Disaster?; Dave Lee; Friends Correct Friends 2; Friends Forgive Failings; Helen’s Christmas Cactus; Spitfire Pink; Prayer Acronym; Rumors of Rumors; Sanity, Where Art Thou?; Tunnel of Death; View From Oneonta

21 Feb 2012 (Tuesday) — American Confidence Levels Low; Current Events Quiz; Blindfolded Boxing; Country Jukebox; Dave Lee; Dogs Know to Love; Future Frontiers; Iran, Nukes & Oil; Japan’s Arigato; Jurassic Park Begun; Lima Golf; Linda Sunshine; New York’s Density; PegEgg; Snopes.com HOAX; Tax Auditors; View From Oneonta; Words Have No Meaning; WWII: Finns Fight On; WWII: Nazis to Invade Norway

22 Feb 2012 (Wednesday) — Current Events Quiz; Dave Lee; Elk in Alberta; Free Hugs; God Blesses America; Lima Golf; Linda Sunshine; Rich Getchell; Privacy Roulette; Religion & Politics Don’t Mix; Router Reset; Sam’s Club versus Publix; Teenagers Misunderstood; U.S. Never Invaded?; View From Oneonta; WWII: 22 Feb 1940

23 Feb 2012 (Thursday) — Alyce Wanderland; America a Bad Neighborhood; Beads’ Cost; Birth Control Politics; Dave Lee; Free Hugs; Hit by a Mack Truck; Implant Travels the Body; Jailed in America; Linda Sunshine; Math & Watermelons; Medicine Absorbs U.S. Budget; Power Felt Charger; Real College Sports; Router Reset; Say Nothing At All; Senior Biker Bar; Sexting & Moltexting; Toe Tapper; U.S. Army Social Media; View From Oneonta; WWII: Anne Frank

24 Feb 2012 (Friday) — Auschwitz Escapes; Captain Ripp; Dave Lee; Dire Strait of Hormuz; Ease into Social Media; FloriDUH: Shoe Mêlée; Linda Sunshine; QUIZ; Gun Patrol; Learning to Reload; Living with Parents; Men's Bodies Legislated; U.S.S. Titanic; The Dance; View From Oneonta; Who is Worth Tears; Worst Husband Ever; WWII: 24 Feb 1940

25 Feb 2012 (Saturday) — Apple Tops in UK Smartphones; Arianne; Blonde’s Alligator Shoes; Captain Ripp; Email Shortcut; FloriDUH’s Family Unit; Kabul Killing; Lifetime Kind of Woman; Lima Golf; Linda Sunshine; Medicare’s Fraud-busting Oops; Senator Connie Mack; Tattoos Tell; Tax Law Loopholes; QUIZ; Write in Cursive

26 Feb 2012 (Sunday) — Americans Won’t Do Dirty Jobs; Angels with One Wing; Best Friend Really Hears; Bill T.; Dave Lee; Girls are Like Cellphones; GOP Spent $12M in FL; Government Explained; Highest Unemployment; Homeless & Dog; IBM Tracks Pigs to Plate; Linda Sunshine; Senility Prayer; Senior Citizen Odometer; Silly String in Iraq; Tattoos Gone Wrong; Toe Tapper; Train Disaster; View From Oneonta; Will the Circle Be Unbroken?; Women Know Their Place

27 Feb 2012 (Monday) — Academy Awards Aflutter; Blame the Dog; Costa Allegra Adrift; Count to 1 Billion; Digital Data Created Daily; Friend Makes You Smile; Global War on Women; I Need to be in Love; Lima Golf; Linda Gonse; Oscar’s Strange Facts; Pitbull & Its Kitten; Polish Pie Lady; Rare Cells in Ovaries; Social Media in 60 Seconds; Speed Test; Strange Sex Laws; The Right Person

28 Feb 2012 (Tuesday) — America’s Music; Captain Ripp; Cellphones in Church; City Data by Zip Code; Email: Accessing Old; Email: Open Saved Email; Email: Save a Better Way; Google+: Mounting Minuses; Mendelssohn Morning; Mounting Minuses at Google+; Pat Buchanan’s Book; Postcards of Wonder; Right Question; Secure the Building; Shortest Robbery; Sleeping Man Banjo Band; Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious; Travel Posters; Warrior Slain: Never Forget; Weather Forecast by Zip Code; Words Have No Meaning; Yearbook Photos

29 Feb 2012 (Wednesday) — $750,000 Soccer Field; Aglitter over Twitter; Alabama’s Immigration Law; Bully Dismissed; Hong Kong Accelerated; Leap Day Not Every 4 Years; Library Hours; Math & Alphabet; Minnesota Voter Registration; Oil Imports; Plant Eats Bird; Thomas Jefferson’s DNA; Twitter Analytics; U.S. Prosperity 1929; VA Crime, Public Butt Out; When I Miss You; Winnie-the-Pooh’s Disorders

These are reflections designed to be re-read when I am too old to journey from the comfort of my stead and I can relive the days gone by. Permission for reproduction in whole or in part is granted to groups and organizations for internal, non-profit use provided credit is given to the author along with the copyright notice: Article reprinted with permission. Copyright © 2011-2012 Darry D Eggleston, http://DarryD.com.