1 Jan 2012 (Sunday) — Alpine Coaster; B. Green; Blackberry Addicts Anonymous; Brain Teaser; Buc Ball; Captain Ripp; Comics of the Day; Dave Lee; Formula Rossa; Historic Tragedy of Rights; I’m Rich; Let the Sunshine In; Lima Golf; Linda Sunshine; MSE; Queen Belle; System Restore & MSE; Tell Me You Love Me; View From Oneonta

2 Jan 2012 (Monday) — Best Bowl Game; Bill T.; Bubba’s BBQ Burrito Bowl; Deporting Seniors; Fence Off Iowa; Gasoline iPhone Charging; Hello God; RIAA Pirated $9 Million; Rose Bowl Parade; Someday Soon

3 Jan 2012 (Tuesday) — Abundance from God; 5 Rules to Remember; Monopoly is an Old Game; Note to Ashli; On the Road Again; PegEgg; Rose Parade; VA Hospital; Yogi Berra

4 Jan 2012 (Wednesday) — "Airport" Marathon; Comics of the Day; Cursive Code; Dave Lee; He Made the Earth; Hillary Clinton, VP; Hotel California; Moses Bridge; Pigeon Hero; Stranger into Friend; View From Oneonta; WordPerfect Popup Ad; Wunderland in 5 Minutes; WWI Hero Pigeon

5 Jan 2012 (Thursday) — 1967 Reflections; Bach to Bed; Dyson Vacuum; Husbands Can Cook?; Mary’s Poetry; Perception is Reality; Photograph Texas; Sci-Fi Fact & Fiction; Suzy Bogguss Not New; VA Hospital Again

6 Jan 2012 (Friday) — Angel Flight; Bach to Bed; Balgstuw Protection; Crouch Rocket Rider; Karma Account; Lady Lynnette; Lima Golf; Mother’s Intuition; Poker Death; USN Rescues Iranian Ship; Think Positive; To Mother You

7 Jan 2012 (Saturday) — A-B-C-D, E-F-G; Armor in the Foyer; Audio Books Free; Be Girl, Woman, & Lady; Debt Limit Made Easy; Emergency Pulloff; Lady Lynnette; Military As Representation; Stick Your Sorry’s in a Sack; Unexplored Shores; VA Clients; Yoshi the Kid

8 Jan 2012 (Sunday) — Bakken from Space; Brian Doerksen; Computer’s Future; Dave Lee; Family Reunion; Funeral Photo; Future is Glass; Guys vs Cartoon; Halftime Follies; Hollywood Tech Myths; Innovation Waves; iPhone Features; JB; Just As I Am; Life Through a Window; Linda Sunshine; Living on $1-a-Day; O God, Our Help; People in Your Life; Staying Technologically Young; Take the Bus; View From Oneonta

9 Jan 2012 (Monday) — Auld Lang Syne by Sissel; Bring Me Fun; Car Disappearing Prank; Chef Woz; Dave Lee; F1gur471v3ly 5p34k1ng?; Facebook’s Ghosts; Funeral Photo; Funeral for a Spinster; Green Bay Packers Question; Jive Aces; Joe McDonald; Leola Lewis; Lima Golf; Moon is a Friend; Photos of U.S. Military; Prayer for Grandpa; Staying Tech Young, Part II; Tara Parrothead; Technology’s Rearview Mirror; View From Oneonta; Wives Are Devious

10 Jan 2012 (Tuesday) — "Austere Challenge"; Cholera Source Found; Folder Icon Changed; Hero & Change; Life With No Remote; Lima Golf; My Temporary Home; National Geographic Spiders; Oneonta Frost; Photoshop Elements 10; Techno-WOW!!!; Technology Challenged

11 Jan 2012 (Wednesday) — Changes; Chef Woz; Facebook is Buggiest Software; God is Up; Google Personal Search OFF; Grandparents’ Answer Device; Lima Golf; Matchstick Armada; 7 Best Tech Co to Work For; Twitter Tracks Cholera; Vows Go Unbroken

12 Jan 2012 (Thursday) — Comics of the Day; Facebook Accounts Attacked; Google Personal Search OFF; Harry Potter & Order of Phoenix; Man Of Constant Sorrow; Mankind is a Mystery; Now I Lay Me Down; People as Lessons; People Needed in Life; Value Who You Are; Warriors Are Weird; Whiskey Lullaby

13 Jan 2011 (Friday) — Aloneness; Being Powerful; Searching; Searching for Diamonds; Staples; VA Hospital CP3

14 Jan 2011 (Sat) — Austere Challenge; Dave Lee; Mining Info from Data; Rumors; Russian Trawler Aiding Nome; Shooting a Turkey; U.S. Military into Australia; U.S. Military into Israel; U.S. Military into Kuwait; U.S. Proportion in Military; View From Oneonta; Windmills of Your Mind

15 Jan 2011 (Sunday) — Aptronym; Battery Chargers; Cellphone Insanity; Costa Concordia Sinks; Cruise Ship Sinks; Facebook Fumbles; Hospital Visit; Linda Sunshine; Lonely Shepherd; Operation Animation; Outsourcing; Sue Greensleeves; Toe Tapper; WVU Armed Forces Salute

16 Jan 2012 (Monday) — B. Green; Battle Hymn of the Republic; Choices; Costa Concordia Shipwreck; Dave Lee; Death in a Carpool; Earth-like Planet Found; Friendship Understood; Human Being Types; I am NOT Addicted; iPhone vs Virginity; Joy is Light; Live Forever; Loneliness; SOPA & PIPA Protest; Text Formats; View From Oneonta; Weapons’ Effects

17 Jan 2012 (Tuesday) — Captain Ripp; Death Eye’s Salvation; Eagle Owl Attack; Gathering of the Elderly; Lady Lynnette; Linda Sunshine; New Hobbies Available; Nighttime Rituals; Picture Perfect; Solar Storm Lights

18 Jan 2012 (Wednesday) — Austere Challenge Postponed; Bachelors Remain Bachelors; Bill T; Dave Lee; Friendship More Comfortable; Hello Again; Heroes Rise to the Occasion; On the Way to the Sky; Revenge of the Frog; Smartphone Statistics; Stop SOPA & PIPA; SOPA Spells Control; Tree Planting Faith; Videos of the Day; View From Oneonta; Why not SOPA & PIPA?

19 Jan 2012 (Thursday) — Bill T; Cruise Ship Gets Stranger; Hymn to Hope; Inconvenient Friends; SOPA & PIPA Update; Wikipedia’s Worth; Windows Resuming; Women Drivers Safer

20 Jan 2012 (Friday) — Attachment Viewed in Windows Live Mail; Dave Lee; Dog Cheating Husband; Lima Golf; Linda Sunshine; Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto 1; Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto; Redneck Home Security System; Time’s History; Tree Shaping Pooktre; View From Oneonta; Wallpaper vs Screen Saver

21 Jan 2012 (Saturday) — 10 Commandments; Connected Electronically; Friends & Smoking; I Cross My Heart; Laptop in the Morning; Lima Golf; Linda Gonse; Linda Sunshine; Old of My Days; Socrates & Rumors; SOPA Offensive; Tethering Illegal in County

22 Jan 2012 (Sunday) — A Talented Hand; Bill Mayer; Burglarized; Change Him is a Mistake; Communicate Not; Bill Mayer; Dyslexia League; Email Botnet ALERT; Evening Prayer; Fingerprint of God; Friend is North Star; Friend’s Direction; Life Belt from Mom; Linda Sunshine; Long Black Train; SOPA Fallout; UK Military Wives’ Choir; Wherever You Are

23 Jan 2012 (Monday) — 1948 Again; Churchill on Costa Concordia; Fat Stored Because; IBM Smashes Moore’s Law; Pray for Good Harvest; Search Within; Who to Tell My Problems; Wireless Mouse Purpose; Year of the Dragon; Yosemite National Park

24 Jan 2012 (Tuesday) — 1949 Revived; Bayshore Blvd Enhanced; Coconut Oil Benefits; De-hate in Tampa Bay; Far Away Places; Fear is a Factor; Finger Monkey; GOOGLE & PRIVACY; Homeless Hidden; Lights On Tampa; Linda Sunshine; Protestors Aplenty; Second Class Delegates; Tech De-Invented; Why Snowbirds?

25 Jan 2011 (Wednesday) — Enhanced ARTBASS; Google’s Revenue; JB; Joel Courtemanche; Leader vs Technician; Learn from Crayons; Major Franson; Ormie, Oh My!; Semper Fidelis; The Longest Day; Value of Knowledge

26 Jan 2012 (Thursday) — Army Camouflage Finalists; Criticism; Linda Sunshine; MS Office-Like Program Free; Planting Guide Updated; Share a Story or Link; Singing the Blues; Support Bacteria

27 Jan 2012 (Friday) — Captain Ripp; Finding God; Lipitor; Sports Drink Squirrel; Sleep Apnea Dozed Off; Sound of Music; Statins & Memory Loss; We Fight, We Get Beat

28 Jan 2012 (Saturday) — All I Have; Arab Spring/Awakening; Bill T.; Lima Golf; Modern Management Parable; Sing in the Sunshine; Spring in Oneonta?; Twitter Blackout; Twitter Critical in Politics; View From Oneonta

29 Jan 2012 (Sunday) — 40" Monitor Marvels; A Race for the Fallen; Alabama Tornado; Best of Your Life; Bette Midler; Checkout Check it Out; Dave Lee; DOD’s Lost Iraq Funds; Election Erection; Ford Profits Race Higher; Heather Dorniden; Lima Golf; Love Locks in Prague; Orlando Magic’s Magic; Peace in the Valley; Super Bowl; View From Oneonta; Wonderful Time Up There

30 Jan 2012 (Monday) — Bee’s Knees Monitor; Best Friends; Best Friends are There; Dave Lee; Friends Ask & Hear; Imaginary Friend; Kelly Oxford; Lady in Bikini; Linda Sunshine; Political Commentary; Politicians & Presidents; Prayer Hands Thank You; Screaming at Old Folks; View From Oneonta; You Changed My Life; You Were There for Me

31 Jan 2012 (Tuesday) — 3,500 Year Old Jokes; Alyce Wanderland; An Angry World; Costa Concordia Videos; DaisyDawg is Now DaisyVapors; Dave Lee; Dine with Dave Lee; Edelweiss; Evolution: Mouse to Elephant; Friend Closes Eyes; Google+ Open to 13-year-olds; Hate Mail; Hell for Molesters; Life Without Limitations; Lima Golf; Linda Sunshine; Sue Greensleeves; Syria, Arab League, & UN; View From Oneonta; Wash Hands & Water Temp


These are reflections designed to be re-read when I am too old to journey from the comfort of my stead and I can relive the days gone by. Permission for reproduction in whole or in part is granted to groups and organizations for internal, non-profit use provided credit is given to the author along with the copyright notice: Article reprinted with permission. Copyright © 2011-2012 Darry D Eggleston, http://DarryD.com.