1 Nov 2011 (Tuesday): ‘Billie B’; Bud; Christian Pumpkins; Costco; Cracker Barrel; Danger Zone; Dave Lee; HHGregg; Lowe’s; Name Tags Laminated; Name Tags Printed; Name Tags Redesigned; Newington Storm Update; Nutcracker Suite; Occupy Wall Street; PC-to-TV Streaming; Reading PDF; Republican Naked Pool Party; Signs; Tax Code Words; UNESCO Welcomes Palestine; View from Oneonta; World Population; WARRIOR 2000 A.D.

2 Nov (Wednesday) — ‘Captain Ripp’; Dave Lee; DocX: How to Open; Hallelujah Chorus; Hating Tim Tebow; ‘Linda Sunshine’; NE Storm Reactions; Oneonta Weather; Producing a Plane; Stranger in Paradise; ‘Sue Greensleeves’; ‘Toe Tapper’; View From Oneonta; WARRIOR 2000 A.D.; Who Will Watch?

3 Nov (Thursday) — Academy Awards 1999; Allure of the Seas Journal; Alyce Wonderland; Ballad of Al Gore; Balkan War 1989–99; Card Greets Me; Cellphone Unlimited $19/month?; CPR: New Technique; Emergency Alert System Test; House of the Rising Sun; How Can I Leave?; JB; Lady Lynette; Kosovo War 1989–99; Mayor Nutter of Philly; Name Tag Trial; President Bill Clinton; SEAL Quote of the Week; Snow Blower for Real Men; Time Passes; Wedding Nights & Dances; Windows 98 SE

4 Nov (Friday) — Army Mobile Apps Store; Bud; Dave Lee; Last Costco Trip; Love & Happiness; October Snowstorm; Parrot Found; Sam’s Club for Pizza; Tethering Issue Stalls; To Know a Man; View from Oneonta; You’ll Never Know

5 Nov (Saturday) — B. Green; Bud; Chicken Pox Lollipops; Connecticut Update; Dave Lee; Favorite Movies; Fields of Gold; ‘Gulf of Florida’ Song; Happiness is Hildreth; Hunting Cap for Luck; JB; Love & Pleasure; ‘Mary of the Morning’; Music & Melodies; Rather be in Alabama; Shop at Thrift Stores; Silence is Consent; Workers: 1961 vs. 2011; Yankee/Dixie Quiz; Young Love

6 Nov (Sunday) — 1987: Memories Ago; Bud; Daily Journal Webpage; Bass Boat; ‘ChrisE’; Dave Lee; Elvis of Tampa Bay; Golf’s Unbelievable Shots; Hildreth is Happiness; Honoring the Flag; I Know Who Holds; In Case of Earthquake; Landing in Los Angeles; Linda Sunshine; Newington Storm Update; Old Habits; PegEgg; Rules for Being Human; Special Forces Quiz; View from Oneonta

7 Nov (Monday) — A Place To Fall Apart; Bob of Ruskin; Books Banned; Boys vs. Men; Bud; Connecticut Storm Update; Dave Lee; ‘Donna Cleaner’ Sweeps In; Health Care Profits; Highland Parks, MI; ‘Linda Sunshine’; News Could Be Worse; News Seen by America; Sam’s Club Fillup; Sam’s Club XHD; Skype Keys to Success; Skype with Bud; Strongest Weakness; View From Oneonta; You are Not Alone

8 Nov (Tue) — ‘Alyce Wonderland’; ‘Captain Ripp’; Cellphone Unlimited, Part 2; Daily Journal Journey; Dave Lee; Emotional Window Washing; Follow the Road; ‘Harley Day’; Lady Named Laura; ‘Linda Sunshine’; Movies & Flying; Name Tag Trial; PDF Link Space; ‘Sue Greensleeves’; ‘Tara Parrothead’; Thank a Vet; To Fallen Soldiers; Tomb of the Unknown Soldier; U.S. Economy Favors; View from Oneonta

9 Nov (Wednesday) — Captain Ripp; Dave Lee; Drunken Scotsman; Facebook & Italy’s Crisis; ‘Frugal Fran’; Georgia on My Mind; Google+; ‘Harley Day’; Lost by our Government; New Worker Mentality; Shhh, It’s a Secret; Simon’s Cat; SmartPhones Fly Drones; Stickman; Still in the Morning; Sue Greensleeves; View from Oneonta; Waste Not; Want Not

10 Nov (Thursday) — Art Attack; Dave Lee; Hero Painting; Open Letter to President; QUESTIONS; Questions for God; Questions for Congress; Questions for OWS Gaggle; Questions for Penn State; Giving Thanks; Graham Spanier; Heartstrings; Jerry Sandusky; Joe Paterno; Most Expensive Photo; Obama Photo Hoax; SAAB’S "MAGIC MAPS"; Veterans Grew Up & Died; View From Oneonta

11 Nov (Fri) VETERAN’S DAY — 173rd Airborne Brigade; 503rd RCT (Airborne); Battle of Dak To; Colonel George Marecek; My Autobiography; "Occupy Wall Street" Busy; PTSD; Thank a Veteran; Veteran’s Day; Vietnam Memorial Wall; War Is a 4-letter Word; Youth Lost in War

12 Nov (Saturday) — ‘Captain Ripp’; F15 No Wing; ‘Harley Day’; Intelligent Fingerprinting; JB; ‘Lima Golf’; Make a Difference; Name Tag Recognition; Painting Jesus; Sound of Silence; ‘Tara Parrothead’; This is Who We Are; Where Ya From?

13 Nov (Sunday) — An Inconvenience; Don Hupman; DENTIST DE SADE; He Will Cover You; Journal is Therapeutic; Lima Golf; Lynette; Mother Bird a Protector; Older Women; Record Voice Mail; Solar Flare Coming?; Time Passages; Wireless Service $19/month

14 Nov (Monday) — A Man Named Sears; Guantánamo Bay; I Envy the Wind; JB; ‘Linda Sunshine’; Nazi’s Last Days; One Voice; Stay Technologically Young; Tampa’s Cuban History; Tax Drain; Tell Them Now; ‘Toe Tapper’; Tweet of the Day; Why I Call Him Honey

15 Nov (Tuesday) — A Morning Called Elvis; Bud; Cell Phone Speakers; Communication is the Result; Communicate Significantly; CT Storm Update; Dave Lee; ‘Harley Day’; If I Knew Then; If Men Could Make It; Obama Crotch Salute; PegEgg; View From Oneonta; Zorro’s Horse

16 Nov (Wednesday) — America the Beautiful; How Great Thou Art; Magic Duo; Movie: Immortals; Movie: Jack & Jill; Swimming with Strangers; ‘Toe Tapper’

16 Nov (Wednesday) — America the Beautiful; How Great Thou Art; Magic Duo; Movie: Immortals; Movie: Jack & Jill; SWIMMING WITH STRANGERS; ‘Toe Tapper’

17 Nov (Thursday) — Americans Over-Medicated?; "Black Friday" Sales; Dieting is Frightening; Driving at Night; Lima Golf; Mother is the Name; MULTITASKING GORILLAS; Name Tag; Stop Interruptions; Sunshine on My Shoulder; THROUGH OUR LOOKING GLASS; ‘Toe Tapper’; Veteran’s Day Journal; What OWS Taught Me

18 Nov (Friday) — Dream River; Google for Veterans; GRAPHIC ART; Guns Are Cheaper; ‘Harley Day’; High School Graduation; I Am She; Income Mobility; ‘Lima Golf’; ‘Linda Sunshine’; Measure for Clothes Online; OWS: Protest or Mob Mentality?; POVERTY IN U.S.; Student Loans Problem; Wealth’s Concentration; Wildfire

19 Nov (Saturday) — Harvard University Courses; Navy Seals Successful; NEXT-TO-NOTHING NEWS; Police Recruiting Film?; Reflective Election; The Wall; Today’s Dance

20 Nov (Sunday) — Birthers in NH; Breathe; Bring Me Sunshine; DOG TETHERING TRAVESTY; Feeling Insignificant?; Happy Hour; Journal Jotting; ‘Lady Lynette’; ‘Linda Sunshine’; PegEgg; Signs You’re Aging; The Touch; Welfare Fails

21 Nov (Monday) — Android Phones Targeted; Back in the Saddle; Beneath Still Waters; "Cotton Candy" Android; Eagle-eyed Owl; Fire Ants’ Unsinkable Raft; ‘Harley Day’; Impossible Dreams; Innovative Inventions!; Leadership Analogy; ‘Lima Golf’; ‘Linda Sunshine’; Malware Targets Android; Man of La Mancha; MP3 Gain: Level MP3; Name Tags & Fat; ‘Polish Pie Lady’; Pollination Beauty; Ranger Joel; ‘Sue Greensleeves’; The KHORT; Tweet of the Day

22 Nov (Tuesday) — Airport Flyers Keep Shoes; Applaud Government Snails; B. Green; Black Friday Deals; Bucs Create Defeat; Dancing with the HUHs???; Facebook Ruins Sharing; Gutting U.S. Might; Info Technology; Kudos & Sunshine; Lima Golf; Linda Sunshine; Militarization of Campus Police; No Time For the Pain; Respect Today; Signs of the Times

23 Nov (Wednesday) — Dave Lee; Dreamers & Lovers; Economic Collapse Causes; Happy Turkey Day; ‘Harley Day’; Just Crispy; ‘Linda Sunshine’; Rattling Rusty Sabers; Supercommittee Email; Thanksgiving Daily; View From Oneonta; World’s Lightest Material

24 Nov (THANKSGIVING) — $50 Lesson; 75 Music Minutes on a CD; Address Approximate; Facebook Ads Increase; Iroquois Thanksgiving; ‘Linda Sunshine’; ‘Lima Golf’; Pepper Spray; Nude Men Clock; Thanksgiving Dinner; Thanksgiving Songs; Tweet of the Day

25 Nov (Friday) — All the Flowers Gone; Dave Lee; Elf Detection 101; Facebook Friends: 4.74o; Google+ Becoming Facebook?; Greetings; Top 5 Myths To Debunk; ‘Lima Golf’; ‘Linda Sunshine’; Lost in Your Eyes; Muslim Meat in Australia; Newt Gingrich Tweet; OWS & CONGRESS; Kardashian Fans Tweet; View From Oneonta; Vision is an Old Saw

26 Nov (Saturday) — Defriend Black Friday Fans; Early Morning Rain; Enjoy the Ride; Internet Filtering Illegal; Merry Christmas; My Journal is Me; PegEgg; Politics & My Journal; Relating Right; Santa’s Note; Searchin’; Struggles

27 Nov (Sunday) — Dave Lee; Email Signatures; Ford is a Software Company; Future Think; Half-Time Show; High School Football; Holy, Holy, Holy; IL Water Pump Failure; Lady is a Tramp; Library Use in U.S.; ‘Lima Golf’; ‘Linda Sunshine’; Loneliest Lanes; Moon Disaster Speech; National Archives; PegEgg; Penguin Family Rituals?; Scam: I’m Rich; U.S. History of Growth; View From Oneonta

28 Nov (Monday) — Banks’ Secret Bailout; Christmas Ditto; Deja Moo; Hard Times Generation; HOAX Called Giap; I Don’t Know How to Love; ‘Linda Sunshine’; Newt Gingrich; Nights in White Satin; Terra Nova TV Show; Travel is Escape To; Tweet: Newt Gingrich; Tweet: Sticks & Stones; Walter Reed Hospital

29 Nov (Tuesday) — bin Laden dead in 90 sec?; Cartoons of Note; Chef Woz; Dog Made of Sprinkles; Easter Island Statues; Gandhi’s Letters To Hitler; Iranians Storm British Embassy; News Quiz; Optical Illusions; Redneck Defined; Say Merry Christmas; This is My Song; Travel Along Alone; Tweet: Love & Ownership

30 Nov (Wednesday) — Anxiety vs Faith; Dave Lee; Exploding Ants; Facebook Timeline Knows; Heated Debate; It’s All in the Game; Kids Can’t Hear Me; ‘Lima Golf’; ‘Linda Sunshine’; Mark Twain’s Birthday; Military-Industrial Complex; News Quiz; "PROTECT-IP" is Wrong; ‘Ranger Joel’; Remember Me; Ride ‘Em Cowboy; Should Have Told You; Stop "Protect IP Act"; Taxes at Work; View From Oneonta; Why Christ Came



These are reflections designed to be re-read when I am too old to journey from the comfort of my stead and I can relive the days gone by. Permission for reproduction in whole or in part is granted to groups and organizations for internal, non-profit use provided credit is given to the author along with the copyright notice: Article reprinted with permission. Copyright © 2011 Darry D Eggleston,