1 Oct (Saturday) — A Witness Watching; Almost Over You; Ashamed of Ignorance; Cows Love Jazz; Dave Lee article; Dog Attraction Ads; Drone Criticism; Harley Day article; Have You Never Been Mellow?; I Love Your Eyes; Lima Golf article; Linda Sunshine article; Microsoft Kills Google Chrome; Net Neutrality Attacked Again; Peaceful Co-existence; Randy Woj article; Relive the 1960s; Seas of Senses; Synthetic Pride; Tweet of the Day; View From Oneonta; Wish for a Friend

2 Oct (Sunday) — 1LT Ivan Lechowich; A Living Prayer; Alyce Wonderland; God Bless America; JB article; Kamala Harris; Koobface Virus; Lima Golf article; Linda Sunshine article; Offline & Offended; Pampered Pets; Parking Lot People; Skype Baby Viewing; Wall Street Pact Trashed; Welcomed Email; Why God Created Eve

3 Oct (Monday) — Britney Spears & Homeless CD; Colder than a Miner’s Armpit; Cop Shooter’s Bail; Forgiveness Saves; Google+; Greatest Man I Never Knew; I Love My Eyes; Ignore You Later; Cop Shooter’s Bail Delayed; Mistakes & Choices; Sharing My Daily Journal; Tattoo Ink Run Amuck; Train Ride; Tweet of the Day; U.S. Poverty Facts; When Someone Comes In; When You Share; Years & Tears

4 Oct (Tuesday) — Back from Wally World; Careful What You Pray For; Dave Lee article; Dawn of the Social Cyborg; In the Still of the Night; It’s Called Glass; MS Office 2010 — NOT; Polish Pie Lady article; Protest Spreads; Satellite Prank; Signed, Sealed, Delivered; View From Oneonta; You Haven’t Got Mail

5 Oct (Wednesday) — A Thankful Heart; Art Weaver; B Green article; Brushing Your Teeth; Connecticut Weather; Dave Lee article; Farm Employment?; Hello Walls; Linda Sunshine article; Oh! My Pa-Pa; Protests Comments; Photoshop Elements; Spell Check Turned On; Tweet of the Day; View From Oneonta; Wall St. Protests Spread

6 Oct (Thursday) — A Good Dog Remembers; Character Concerns; Computers Can’t Solve; Flash Animations; Flash Crash in FarmVille; Google Docs & Open Office; India’s $35 Tablet; Linda Sunshine article; Polish Pie Lady article; Steve Jobs: Visionary; Sweet Hour of Prayer; Tweet of the Day

7 Oct (Friday) — Back at Motel; Bank; Cat Food; Cristal & Rich; Cristal’s Cadillac; Darry D & PegEgg; Final Journey Prep; Ft Lauderdale Traffic; Homewood Suites; Love is the Only Game; Luggage by Truck; On the Road Again; Only You; Puppy Food; Rendezvous with Cristal; Rest Stop 1; Rest Stop 2; Rest Stop 3 — Display; Rich & Cristal; Rustic Inn, Ft Lauderdale; Sam’s Club Dogs; Trust; Trust is Shared Reality; U.S. Jobs Fuzzy Math

8 Oct (Saturday) — Applebee’s Restaurant; Breakfast Complimentary; Cristal & Rich; Darry D & PegEgg; End of Your Rope; Fuel at Shell’s; Ghetto Walmart; In Search of Applebee’s; PegEgg & Gizmo; Safely Home; Safely Home Two; The Rose; Up On a Rainy Morning; Weather Forecast is Rain; Where’s Wally World?

9 Oct (Sunday) — Alternate CP; Breakfast Complimentary; Cabin 6716; Diamond Lounge; Adagio Dining Room (Dinner); Giovanni’s Table (Lunch); Hostess’ Approval; Luggage Unloaded; Mental Note — 3 Copies; OceanAria Aqua Show; Promenade Café; Safety Boat Drill; Ship Boarding — Others; Ship Boarding — by Us; Ship Sails; Shuttle Bus Arrives; Shuttle Bus Departs; Shuttle Bus Late; Shuttle Bus Tickets; Shuttle Bus Unloaded; Slept In; Timber Time for the Tired; ‘Train Man’; Wander Aimlessly


23 Oct (Sunday) — 1st Debarkation: 06:30; Alligator Alley; Ask God & Congratulate; Breakfast: 07:00; Home: 13:25; Last Call; Name Tag PegEgg; Passengers’ Home Country; Pickup: 08:30; Problems in Rearview Mirror; Restoring the CP; Satisfied Enough; Satisfied Mind; Saying Silly Things; Scatter Kindness; Take Me Home; Try to See Invisible; Unload: 08:50; We Cruise; We Disembark: 08:00

24 Oct (Monday) — Capitalism & Socialism...; Cruise the Dixie Belle; Dave Lee Article; Google’s Yahoo Acquisition; I Wish I Were 18 Again; JB Article; Life Without Music; My Dreams; People Are Awesome; Pope Benedict XVI; Statue Of Liberty Webcams; Strip Tease Juggling; Toe Tapper article; View From Oneonta

25 Oct (Tuesday) — ‘Captain Ripp’; Cruise the Dixie Belle; Dwarf Tossing Legalized?; Flowers Feed the Soul; Flowers of Life; Israeli Airport Security; ‘JB’; Let’s Talk About Livin’; ‘Lima Golf’; ‘Linda Sunshine’; Perchance to Dream; Real Steel; Stop Posting Photos; Three Musketeers; While We Live

26 Oct (Wednesday) — ‘Bill Bee Guide’; Cruise’s Scariest Moments; Customer Care; Help Wanted; Mairzy Doats; Netflix Shares Plunge; Right vs Real Math; Russia’s Economy; Secret Garden; Talking Muslim Doll; VA Hospital Faux Forms; When You Dance

27 Oct (Thursday) — Blood Drawn; Café Opens; Checked in to Lab; Email Avalanche; ‘Lady Lynette’; Linda Sunshine’; Military Reviews; On the Road Again; 3 Meat Pizza; Up, Up, & Going; VA Hospital; What if?

28 Oct (Friday) — Best Buy; Bill of Non-Rights; Bud; Candle in the Wind; Competency; Crayons as Teachers; Double Fantasy Magic Duo; Email Fades Away; HH Gregg; Linda Sunshine; Name Tags; Plan Your Work; Preparation is Key; Right to Boast; Sears; Serene Hours; Strategy Lunch; Tears are Words; Temptation Email; Years & Tears

29 Oct (Saturday) — 1967, Summer of Love; Capitalism Blamed; Captain Ripp; Dave Lee; Forgotten Daily Journal; Hush & Rush; Hymn to Hope; Imagine; In Reflection; ‘Lima Golf’; Make Mine Freedom; Mind My Own Business; Prayer & Umbrella; ‘Toe Tapper’; U.K. Fecal Matter Phones; Virtual Cable Display

30 Oct (Sunday) — Andrew; Bud; Clothes Washer; Concealed Gun License; Dawn; Don’t Text; Football; Gasoline Price Increase; Happy Organ; HH Gregg; Keep a Journal; Living Bridge; Lord, Give Me Patience; October Snow Storm; Odette; ‘Polish Pie Lady’; Pumpkin Carving; Rich, my brother-in-law; Rick Perry; ‘Toe Tapper’; Without You; Won’t You Share This Dream

31 Oct (Monday) — A Ship Called Allure; Bud; Dave Lee; DDecker; Do You Like Me Now?; ‘Donna Cleaner’; Frog Dance; Garden Puzzle; Get a Picture; Happy Halloween; Herman Cain; HH Gregg Calls; HH Gregg Confirms; HH Gregg Delivers; Hildreth is Happiness; Japanese Surrender; Leather Dresses; Linda Sunshine; Poème from Secret Garden; Pushing the Inventory; Sexually-inappropriate; View from Oneonta — and the mystery of the unspotted feline.

These are reflections designed to be re-read when I am too old to journey from the comfort of my stead and I can relive the days gone by. Permission for reproduction in whole or in part is granted to groups and organizations for internal, non-profit use provided credit is given to the author along with the copyright notice: Article reprinted with permission. Copyright © 2011 Darry D Eggleston, http://DarryD.com.