1 Sep (Thu) — Beyonce’s Twitter Record, Breaking News, Dave Lee, Decline of News, DUH Moment for NY, Email Inbox Full, Flying Car, Gotta Dance, Last Words, Lotto Lucky Dog, Osprey, Reviews for Sale, View from Oneonta

2 Sep (Fri) — Career Women & Kids, Cost of Raising Kids, Daily Journal Online, Dave Lee, Do You Want to Tweet?, Dogs & Cocoa Bean Mulch, Exalt the Talented, First Economist, Gadgets & Gizmos, Google Calculations, I’ll Wait for You, Microsoft Security Essentials, Rent Dollars for Free, Sharing Enough, TMI (Too Much Info), Tweet of the Day, View From Oneonta, Yesterday When

3 Sep (Sat) — A Pot of Tea, Exalt the Talented, Georgia Temperature, Jitterbug, the Noun, Names, Tags, & Labels, Petitions & Initiatives, Screaming Apparel, U.S. Debt: Doorbell

4 Sep (Sun) — Artist’s Dream, Day’s Light, God is All You Need, Hard Drive Design, Heroes, How Great Thou Art, Malware Removed Completely, Memory & Apologies, Panhandling Fraud, Paraprosdokian: Social Disease?, Silent Sun Screams, Songs Unsung

5 Sep (Labor Day) — Amazon & Sales Taxes, Bumper Snickers & Signs, Child Labor in America, Dances with Sharks, Dancing with the Enemy, Rewriting History, Facebook Cops, Government Hypocrisy, Hummingbird Migration, Labor Day Outsourced, Light Bulb Conspiracy, Taxi Tap, U.S. Debt Debate, View from Oneonta, When I Grow Too Old

6 Sep (Tue) — Alabama Population, Amazing Blaze, Welder, Christmas Soon, Dating Online, Driving Challenged, Facebook: Tried & Fled, Habits Don’t Just Happen, HFA Project Bridge, Leaders Decide, Linda Sunshine, Printing Yellow, See Why Ads Sell, Soft Place to Fall, Trooper’s Tap, Tweet of the Day, View From Oneonta, Web-side Story, WWII Propaganda

7 Sep (Wed) — Budget Fix, Dave Lee, Mayonesa, Nights of Thunder, Shoot the Messenger, Some Day Soon, Sun City Center versus Wimauma, View From Oneonta, Window Through Which We See

8 Sep (Thu) — Aircraft Carrier, Coffee Sales up, Dave Lee, Elephants & Memories, Elephant Stew, Imagine, Leprosy from Armadillos, PepsiCo’s All-Plant Bottle, Sharks 101, Ugly Origins, Who’s Loving You

9 Sep (Fri) — Army of Deer, Congressional Manners, Dave Lee, Glow Worm, Hero, Ima Important, Keys Keyed, Larry Loser, Let the River Run, Linda Sunshine, Love Man, Mermaid or Whale, NBC Twitter Hacked, 9-11 Remembered, 9-11 Report, Shave While Driving, Tampa-Cuba Flights, Tobu World Square

10 Sep (Sat) — Budweiser Tribute to 9/11, Butch, Captain Ripp, Ennio Marchetto, Football, the Metaphor, Get Ready Publications, HP: No Tablet, Phones & PCs, I Am She, Linda Sunshine, Loco-Motion Simplicity, Michigan Beats Notre Dame, Prop Us on Our Leanin’ Side, Redneck Medical Dictionary, Resistance, Sexual Awakening, Spain’s Austerity, Tennessee Borders, Twitter Tweet of the Day, Unicorn & Leap Frog, Unicorn’s Tweet

11 Sep (Sun) — 9/11 Facts from Fiction, Chef Woz, Cleaning for a Reason, Cristal, Dave Lee, Deck of Cards, Florida’s Silver Alert, God’s Promised Wives, Lady Mary, Lessons Etched in Mind, Linda Sunshine, Man in the Red Bandanna, Mexican Train, New South Pride, PegEgg, Tara Parrothead, Tire Hero, Tweet of the Day, View from Oneonta, Where Were You?, Wild Woz, WWII Weapons

12 Sep (Mon) — A Daisy Hoax, Alone by Heart, Bear Wishes, Chuck Maginn, Ill Frogs in the Pond, Men’s Room Warning, Streaking Origin, Time Flowing

13 Sep (Tue) — 9/11’s U.S. Kamikaze, Bucs Blow It, Captain Ripp, Don’t Let Go, Dumb Plus 8, Eve of Destruction, Farmer’s Advice, Going Bananas, ‘Lucky’ Penney, Lima Golf, New Earth, Obama Crotch Salute, Private NCO Officer, Revolutionary Slogans, School Payouts, Tears Gone By, Testosterone Fatherhood, Tweet of the Day, Watson Got a Job

14 Sep (Wed) — Ayn Rand, Breakout, Dave Lee, Dr. Bob, Best Vet, Happy Trails, Helen Keller, Linda Sunshine, Louisa May Alcott, Old Glory, Plagiarism, Roy Rogers, Traffic Signals

15 Sep (Thu) — 1955, the Year, All Over Again, Alzheimer’s Divorce, Copper Clapper Caper, Cruise Ship Slot Machines, DDT, Democrat or Republican?, Dien Bien Phu, Vietnam, FloriDUH: Tampa’s Riverwalk, Sixteen Tons, Tampa’s Riverwalk, The Zipper, The Villages

16 Sep (Fri) — Dave Lee, HoneyBear’s Care, Lima Golf, Lion & Gazelle, Metta World Peace, Music of the Night, Ochocinco, President Who Was POW?, Ron Artest, Swing on a Star (1940 Music), The Zipper, Toe Tapper, Tweet of the Day, View From Oneonta

17 Sep (Sat) — Daddy’s Home, Giant African Land Snails, iPad Café Encounters, Lima Golf, Linda Sunshine, Psychiatric Interrogation, Reptile & Amphibian Problem, Slow Surprise, Talking Clock

18 Sep (Sun) — Afghanistan WHY?, Alabama Walmart Justice, American Soldier, B. Green, Captain Ripp, Dakota Meyer, First Medal of Honor, Football Dogs, Heaven Was Needing a Hero, Hoax Debunking Sites, Lima Golf, Medal of Honor, Medicare Nonsense, Police Trust, The Homeless Man, Try to Remember

19 Sep (Mon) — Afghanistan Recalls Vietnam, Building Special Effects, Clueless Clyde, GE Going to China?, Homeless Ted Williams, 2, Linda Golf, Linda Sunshine, Overslept, Success is an Attitude, Tweet of the Day

20 Sep (Tue) — Amazed, 4 Hours a Night?, HFA Adventure Programs, Life Celebration Party, Military Retirement Pay, Movie: Contagion, Movie: The Debt, Polish Pie Lady, Sorry, Sally

21 Sep (Wed) — 3D Morphing Building, 9/11 Dog Heroes, Facebook Change Hated, Facebook’s Reality, Google+, Lima Golf Article, Linda Sunshine Article, Redheads Double Vexed, Redneck Forces, RIFs Keep Chiefs & Kill Indians, Talking Australian, Tara Parrothead Article, Toe Tapper Article, Tsunami Filmed from Car, What Was I Thinking?, WOW Moments

22 Sep (Thu) — Bill T. Article, DVD AutoRun Challenge, Facebook Flames Fans, FloriDUH: Scott Hated Less, Honda U3-X Prototype, In This Life, L’awful Reservoir Settlement, Linda Sunshine, Math Glasnost , Pubic Hair Dye, Senior Texting Codes, Social Networks Status, Teach Daughters, The Good Old Days, Toe Tapper Article, Tough Get Going, Vanishing Tax Math, WOW Moments

23 Sep (Fri) — Facebook: Half a Billion a Day; Facebook: Changes; Getting Gas at Sam’s Club; Global Warming; Hang Up Car Keys; Linda Sunshine Article; On the Way to the Sky; Peter’s Prostitute; Smart Mob in Copenhagen; The Story of My Life; What’s Forever For?

24 Sep (Sat) — All Terrain Walker; Captain Ripp article; Facebook Could Get Ugly; iPad Gold Rush; Lima Golf article; Linda Sunshine article; Mammone Won’t Leave Home; Manana (is Soon Enough); Polish Pie Lady Article; Rawhide Roundup; Reading Material; Serenity; Snow Schnee; Who I Was Born to Be

25 Sep (Sun) — 101 Drives An Old Car; A Riding Buddy; Alyce Wonderland article; Captain Ripp article; Creative Clutter; Everywhere; I Love You Card; I’m Already There; Linda Sunshine article; Pam Oliver; Professionally Dressed; Snow in the Alps; Tweet of the Day; Twitter Trembles

26 Sep (Mon) — All I Ask of You; Amazon Tablet; Dave Lee; Facebook Tracking; Fast for Blood Work; HoneyBear’s Last Round; Mary’s Memory; Mod Technology; Pakistan War Possible?; Polish Pie Lady; Saudi Women Run; Texting & Literacy; Therapy Technology; Tweet of the Day; View From Oneonta; Why Men Wear Earrings

27 Sep (Tue) — Bar; Dave Lee article; British Parliament No-Nos; Facebook Charges; Gardening InfoGraphic; God Made a Farmer; HoneyBear’s Decline; HoneyBear’s Better; Linda Sunshine; Social Media Research; View From Oneonta; Who Will Watch My Place

28 Sep (Wed) — Cellphone @ Funeral; Crying by Roy Orbison; Facebook Businesses; FloriDUH & L’awful Largo; FloriDUH KKK Cone; HoneyBear is Back; L’awful Cop Killer; Lima Golf article; Luna Mezz'o Mare; NYC Protest Gets Ugly; Passwords Ban on Twitter; Saudi Arabia Lashing; Sizes Compared; Tweet of the Day; Walmart Yankees; Water Conservation

29 Sep (Thu) — A Change Gonna Come; Air Car; American Economy Chairs; Arrive VA Hospital; Joe Desert Rat; Homebound But Sound; Quiz: First Social Network; Social Networks Growth; Social Networks Members; Stand by Me; Tablets Compared; Traffic Heavy for Here; Tweet of the Day

30 Sep (Fri) — Air Car 2; Angie Harmon; Another You, Another Me; Dave Lee article; Eustress; Eyeglass Protection; Harley Day Article; HFA DVD Displayed; Jason Sehorn; Life’s Surprises; Parking Lot People; Tampa Bay Rays Stadi-Dumb; View From Oneonta; Wayward Dog Math

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