Aug 1 (Monday) — LightScribe DVD Burning, LightScribe DVD Label, Memories Don’t Matter Unless..., Read to Discover, Sam’s Club Encounters, UPS Store

Aug 2 (Tuesday) — In the Mood, Internet Speed, Way to Get Started

Aug 3 (Wednesday) — Wrestling’s Flying Squirrel

Aug 4 (Thursday) — You’ve Got the Right Stuff

Aug 5 (Friday) — Doris Barrilleaux, Excellence Begins Within, FloriDUH: Guns, FloriDUH: Nuclear Plant Cost, FloriDUH: Driver’s License, Suffering from Coulrophobia, You’ve Got the Right Stuff

Aug 6 (Saturday) — A Simpler Time, Amazing Dog, Driver’s License Online?, Internet Access Speeds in U.S., Missouri Teachers & Facebook, View From Oneonta

Aug 7 (Sunday) — Driver’s License, Photo Editing Steps, When a Plan Goes Wrong

Aug 8 (Monday) — Chain of Love, Florida License Acquired, Florida License Renewal Online, HFA DVD Project Succeeding, Marching with Mary, Music Files, Renew Florida License Online, Speed Test: 04:05, Speed Test: 23:11, Why Wally-World?

Aug 9 (Tuesday) — Florida Drivers License Redux, Genealogy Records vs. Realities, Quotes Graphics, Real Events; Instant Perceptions, Speed Test Link, Tomorrow is a Day Away, World Economy Quagmire

Aug 10 (Wednesday) — Italian Subs Rise Above, L’awful Suits, Military Service Members of the Year, Presidential Dollar Coin Flop, Sing Along to Get Along, When Fast Isn’t Fast Enough, Winchester 73

Aug 11 (Thursday) — An Orphan?, Damnyankees, London Riots & The Arab Spring, Man Laws, Power’s Gone, Speed Test 04:33, St Joseph’s Hospital Coming

Aug 12 (Friday) — Alcohol Abuse, Belonging is Longing, Debt Reduction, Gone from My Sight, Slept In, Weather on the Morrow

Aug 13 (Saturday) — Cicero’s Quote Hoax, HFA DVD Project, I Wonder, Stand Beside Me

Aug 14 (Sunday) — Alyce Wonderland, Iowa Straw Vote Comments, L’awful Request for Defender, Learning Life, My Heart Goes On, Obama’s SSN Hoax, Privacy vs. Security, STD in Massachusetts, Throughout Life: Lessons, U.S. Fiscal Commission, U.S. States Slideshow

Aug 15 (Monday) — DVD Final Lap, DVD MP3 Ripper, Florida’s Mugshot Industry, Has Advertising Gone Amuck?, Iowa Faux Vote, L’awful Regulations, Library: Ask a Librarian, Library: Ebooks, Social Media Complaints & the NLRB, The Cowboy in Me, U.S. Economy in Need of a Root Canal?

Aug 16 (Tuesday) — Cabal Taking over America, Cellphone Uses, Enthralled in Sam’s Stall, HFA DVD Mailed, Hildreth Highlights Monitored, Midsomer Murders, Not Eaten in 38 Days, Laptop Leisure, Potty Phone, World on a String

Aug 17 (Wednesday) — Bayshore Blvd, Fueling at Sam’s Club, Links in WordPerfect, Macarena Morning, MacDill Air Force Base, MacDill AFB Commissary, Midsomer Murders, "Planet of the Apes" Movie, Potty Phones, Rename Files, Susan Boyle’s "Wild Horses", The Few Good Men

Aug 18 (Thursday) — Commissary, Jetman Tours Grand Canyon, La Paloma, Photo Fantastic, Riots & Silence in America, Ruskin Family Drive-in, Then Sings My Soul, Vietnam War Won?

Aug 19 (Friday) — All I Ask, All-mobile Concert, AT&T Text Plan: Outrageous, Columbine Comes to Tampa?, Congress, the Collection, Fungal Spores, Japanese Honesty, IVote App for Cellphones, Most Effective Ad of All Time, Octopus of Apathy, Smoke ‘Em If You’ve Got ‘em

Aug 20 (Saturday) — AC-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive, Animal Abuse, Capitalization, Happy Birthday, Mom, Hawaii Reflections, Korea’s Got Talent, Ortega Highway, Pachelbel’s Canon, Privacy: The Illusion, Texting Costs

Aug 21 (Sunday) — Census Rejected, Gatherings, Put Away BlackBerry, Ninety and Nine, Somewhere Over, Waking Up is Hard to Do, Wal-Martians, Work-life Balance

Aug 22 (Monday) — Congressional Guns, Facial Recognition Advertising, FloriDUH: HIV is a Felony IF..., FloriDUH: McCalister Truths, Harry Potter, HFA DVD Menu Finalized, HP Exiting PC Business, Texting Car Alarms, La Bamba, New Marine Commandant, Real Treats for Real People, Tandem Dancing, Wish Upon a Star

Aug 23 (Tuesday) — Back Injury, Bankruptcy of U.S. Cities, Bastard in the Sand, Bible versus Politics, Central Falls Bankruptcy, Dog Tethering, FloriDUH Ed: We’re 48th! , God Bless America, My Vineyard, Obama & Supreme Court, View from Oneonta, Writing & Reading

Aug 24 (Wednesday) — Coach’s Dementia, Earthquake in Virginia, Generic Tiger Breeding, Good Night, Military Pension Generous?, View from Oneonta, View of the Planet

Aug 25 (Thursday) — $896M: Cost of Libya Non-War, Air Swimmers, Back Ache, Bedtime for Bunnies, Being Human, China’s Military Growth, Flying Fish, Freedom of Speech, Wizard Amendment

Aug 26 (Friday) — Apple’s iPad Sales, Forests & Green Fields, Friends Sing to Me, Lucille, New Hampshire GOP, Nostalgic Memory, Plugger Points, Power Poor, Puppy Love, When It’s the Devil, View From Oneonta

Aug 27 (Saturday) — Earthquake in Virginia, Engineer or Marketing?, Facebook & Drugs, Facebook Addiction, Facebook Photos, Facebook Statistics, Facebook’s 12 Days, Games for Old People, Games Online, Government Lies, Impress Your Girlfriend, Keeper of the Flame, Fly U.S. Flag on 9/11, Lost Wars & Youth, Social Network Use Up, Spam: Blocking Domains

Aug 28 (Sunday) — Build a Reputation, Elvis: Guitar Man, Golf Eyesight, In Fair Fight, Jim Dandy, Sam’s Club, SouthShore Library, Stimulus Scam, U.S. Budget Perspective, Wal-Martians: Tattoos, & Guns

Aug 29 (Monday) — Bars on His Windows, Chocolate Good for Heart, Conga Line, First Lady of Bodybuilding, King of the Fairies, View from Oneonta, Walmart Golf Path Sign

Aug 30 (Tuesday) — Facebook Unfriend, Hurricane Irene, Irish Dancing’s Origins, Jefferson County Bankruptcy, Move It, Movie: Colombiana, Movie: The Help, Obama at the Bat, Reunion Youth, Saddle Up, View from Oneonta

Aug 31 (Wednesday) — Blue Bolero, Casino Expansion, Centers of Influence, FloriDUH Gambling, Prayer Request, Tragedy in Melody, Utah’s Zion Curtains, U.S. Government Brakes

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