JULY 2011

July 1 (Friday) Day 61: Klamath Falls, Oregon — Favell Museum; Nibbley’s Restaurant; PegEgg’s Swelling; Sunny Side of the Street; Wi-Fi Slower Than

July 2 (Saturday) Day 62: Klamath Falls Crater Lake to Bend, Oregon — Amen Kind of Love; Bend, Oregon; California Counties Secede?; Crater Lake, Oregon; Dreams of Home; MOsley WOtta, a Band; Rainbow Inn, Bend, OR; Red Dragon Restaurant; Tipping?

July 3 (Sunday) Day 63: Bend, Oregon Ontario, Oregon — Pachelbel’s Wakeup; Speed Test; Milk & Drinking; Packing; U.S. 20 East; Riley Store & Archery; Rodeway Inn, Ontario; DJ’s Restaurant, Ontario; PegEgg Is on DSL; Ebb Tide; Pachelbel’s Wake-up

July 4 (Monday) Day 64: Ontario, Oregon Idaho Falls, Idaho — Pebbles of Wealth; Self Control; DJ’s Restaurant, Ontario; Rest Stop on the Oregon Trail; Gas @ Twin Stop 5, Jerome, ID; Rest Stop, Black Foot, ID; Guest House Inn & Suites, Idaho Falls, ID; Open Season Restaurant, Idaho Falls, Id; Fireworks; Sally Surfs Sully Seas; Extend Our Stay; Hold On, I’m Coming; Spirit of America; Competency

July 5 (Tuesday) Day 65: Idaho Falls, Idaho — Country Boys; Jump My Truck; Open Season Restaurant; Pendulum Waves; Sorting Laundry; Stardust

July 6 (Wednesday) Day 66: Idaho Falls, Idaho West Yellowstone Montana Mammoth in Yellowstone National Park — 3D Printer; Bette Midler; Branding Iron Inn; Evergreen Motel; I’ll Be Seeing You; Idaho Falls’ Falls; Mary of the Morning; Moose Creek Inn; Open Season Restaurant; Railroad Ranch; Speed Test, W. Yellowstone; The Rose; Wi-Fi Access Compared; Yellowstone National Park

July 7 (Thursday) Day 67: Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park

July 8 (Friday) Day 68: West Yellowstone, Montana  Greybull, Wyoming

These are reflections designed to be re-read when I am too old to journey from the comfort of my stead and I can relive the days gone by. Permission for reproduction in whole or in part is granted to groups and organizations for internal, non-profit use provided credit is given to the author along with the copyright notice: Article reprinted with permission. Copyright © 2011 Darry D Eggleston, http://DarryD.com.