JUNE 2011

June 1 (Wednesday) Day 31: Flagstaff, Arizona

June 2 (Thursday) Day 32: South Rim of Grand Canyon Williams, Arizona

June 3 (Friday) Day 33: Williams, Arizona Barstow, California

June 4 (Saturday) Day 34: Barstow, California Bishop, California

June 5 (Sunday) Day 35: Bishop, California Mono Lake, CA Lake Tahoe, California

June 6 (Monday) Day 36: Lake Tahoe, California

June 7 (Tuesday) Day 37: Lake Tahoe, California Carson City, Utah Reno, Nevada

June 8 (Wednesday) Day 38: Lake Tahoe, California

June 9 (Thursday) Day 39: Lake Tahoe, California Sonora-Jamestown, California

June 10 (Friday) Day 40: Yosemite National Park

June 11 (Saturday) Day 41: Fresno, California

June12 (Sunday) Day 42: Fresno, California

June 13 (Monday) Day 43: Fresno, California Barstow, California

June14 (Tuesday) Day 44: Barstow, California San Diego, California

June 15 (Wednesday) Day 45: San Diego, California

June 16 (Thursday) Day 46: San Diego Zoo, California

June 17 (Friday) Day 47: San Diego, California Moreno Valley, California

June 18 (Saturday, PegEgg’s Injury) Day 48: Moreno Valley, California

June 19 (Sunday, Father’s Day) Day 49: Moreno Valley, California

June 20 (Monday) Day 50: Moreno Valley, California Solvang, California

June 21 (Tuesday) Day 51: Buellton, California

June 22 (Wednesday) Day 52: Buellton, California

June 23 (Thursday) Day 53: Buellton, California

June 24 (Friday) Day 54: Buellton, California Monterey, California Sea Side, California

June 25 (Saturday) Day 55: Sea Side, California Monterey’s 12 Mile Drive San Francisco, California

June 26 (Sunday) Day 56: Napa Valley, California

June 27 (Monday) Day 57: Napa Valley, California

June 28 (Tuesday) Day 58: Napa Valley, California Eureka, California

June 29 (Wednesday) Day 59: Eureka, California Redwood National Park Crescent City, California

June 30 (Thursday) Day 60: Crescent City, California Gold Hills, Oregon Klamath Falls, Oregon

These are reflections designed to be re-read when I am too old to journey from the comfort of my stead and I can relive the days gone by. Permission for reproduction in whole or in part is granted to groups and organizations for internal, non-profit use provided credit is given to the author along with the copyright notice: Article reprinted with permission. Copyright © 2011 Darry D Eggleston, http://DarryD.com.